5 Snap-on 2 Post Car Lifts


The Aplus HW-10KOH-A two-post car lift has features like low-profile frame contact pads and lowered arm tube supports. It also comes with maintenance-free UHMW load bearings and an auto shut-off feature. Mechanic Superstore announced that the lift is also made from a heavy-duty steel frame with anti-rust properties.

Dannmar DMS-15C

The Dannmar DMS-15C snap on 2 posts car lift delivers value, innovation, and quality. Its two-post design is capable of lifting heavy trucks and other vehicles up to 15,000 pounds without overloading. It also has an adjustable top beam that lets you position your vehicle in multiple positions. It makes under-car diagnostics a breeze and ensures greater accuracy.

The Dannmar DMS-15C snap-on 2 post car lift offers the highest lifting capacity in its class. It is available in three different capacities: 3.5T, 4T, and 5T.

Tuxedo 9,000 lb. two-post clear floor lift

If you are looking for a clear floor car lift with a high capacity, then the Tuxedo 9,000-lb. two-post electric/hydraulic lift is what you're looking for. The 2-post lift has a strong design and features asymmetric swingarms, dual point carriage lock releases, and automatic arm restraints.

The TP9KSCX two-post clear floor car lift has many features to enhance the performance of the lift. Features include a single piece column construction, internal hose routing, a padded overhead shut-off bar with a kill switch, a reduced overall width, and drop-in adjustable swivel pads with height adapters. It also features rubber door guards for extra protection.

Sun SSL 3000 scissor lift

The Sun SSL 3000 scissor lift is a double scissor lift with a 3000kg lifting capacity for a surface mounted installation. It features pneumatic safety locks and four hydraulic rams that help increase stability between the platforms. In addition, it comes with a user manual and two rolling jacks.

These lifts are not for every vehicle. They are not high enough to fit under a low ground clearance car. This is because scissor lifts require a minimum lift height to fit under your car. Also, scissor style lifts are not very steady and can be "wobbly" at full rise.

Aplus HW-10KOH-A

The APlus HW-10KOH-A snap on 2-post car lift features a dual hydraulic cylinder chain drive and symmetrical/asymmetrical arm assembly. It also features a heavy-duty pulley, reducing stress and increasing cable life. The lift's user-friendly features include an easy-to-access lift-up button and manual lowering operation.

The APlus HW-10KOH-A snap on two post car lift is one of the best two-post overhead auto hoists on the market. It features a double-point safety feature, which forces you to check both sides of the car before lowering the arms. The APlusLift HW-10KOH-A is an excellent choice for your shop, offering superior features for a competitive price.

BendPak XPR-10S

The XPR-10S snap-on 2 post car lift is a direct drive hydraulic lift that is ideal for sports cars, compact cars, commercial vehicles, and full-size pick-up trucks. This lift is engineered to meet high safety standards and comes with a wealth of standard features. Its direct drive technology allows the lift to operate more smoothly and without stressing the hydraulic system. Another major benefit of this lift is its durability. Its large 5" cable sheaves and 16 load bearings mean less wear on the 53" carriage.

The XPR-10S snap-on 2 post lift features gouge-resistant polyurethane pads and double-telescoping screws. This lift also has a clear floor and is UL and DOT-certified. Its low-pro arms extend closer to the ground than other lifts. This allows the lift to slide under vehicles with low ground clearance.

Triumph two-post auto lift

The Triumph snap-on 2-post car lift is one of the most popular lifts on the market. It is affordable, safe, and portable. The kit is adjustable and has a 6,000-pound capacity. It can be used to lift many different types of vehicles, including Ford F150, BMW M3, golf carts, and even riding lawnmowers. The installation process is relatively fast, even for a stationary lift.

This lift is CE certified and has a five-year structure warranty. It is recommended to use it on a concrete floor with a minimum of 4000 PSI. It includes free mounting hardware and truck adapters.

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5 Snap-on 2 Post Car Lifts

The Aplus HW-10KOH-A two-post car lift has features like low-profile frame contact pads and lowered arm tube supports. It also ...
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